When a person starts losing their teeth, due to periodontal disease, cavities, root canal failure, or crown fracture, there are many many options for replacing those teeth.

* If not all teeth are lost, one option would be replacing teeth with implants, bridges, or partial dentures.

*If every tooth on the upper and/or lower arch is lost, or beyond repair, the option is simply a denture. When it comes to dentures, not all dentures are created equally. Dentures range from standard acrylic dentures, to implant supported acrylic dentures, to implant supported cad/cam created porcelain dentures. This process is sometimes referred to as All-on-4, or "teeth in a day", and Dr. Laura uses a system called Novadontics to complete this process. Dr. Laura is the ONLY Novadontic Smile provider in the entire Austin Texas region. For more information about Novadontics, follow the link below, or schedule a free consultation to meet Dr. Laura and discuss your wants and needs.

To discuss the options that are available for you and your teeth, set up a meeting and comprehensive exam with Dr. Laura.

Dentures and Partial Dentures

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